An Overview Of Tobacco Pipes For Sale, Buy Tabacco Pipes, And The Best Tabacco Pipes

Tobacco pipes have been good companions to man for many centuries. Pipes and thoughtful contemplation go hand in hand for avid tobacco pipe smokers. Although there are numerous brands of tobacco pipes on the market, not all of them are created equal. This is why you need to be cautious when finding tobacco pipes for sale.

A high-quality brand may offer the best satisfaction and value for the money you spend. There are so many ways to select the best brands of pipe from all the brands out there. Asking for recommendations from your friends and colleagues who are smokers of tobacco pipes is one method of picking the best brand. The internet has revolutionized the way people purchase goods these days. You may find many high-quality tobacco pipe brands on the net for a simple search on Google or your preferred search engine. This way you can select the best brand from all the tobacco pipes for sale. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the best tobacco pipes on the market.

History Of The Pipe

The history of the pipe is quite long and fascinating in a way. John Rolfe is credited with planting the first tobacco seed in Virginia, in the United States. The seed had been brought from Trinidad and planted in Virginia in 1612. The first crop of tobacco became very popular at court back in England. In fact, just over a ton of tobacco was shipped to London from Virginia during 1616 and 1617. By the year of 1620, more than 40,000 lbs. of tobacco were shipped from Virginia to London. Much of this tobacco was made use by drinking the smoke from a pipe. In fact, about 400 years ago pipe smoking took England and Europe by storm. The early European pipes were made of clay. They were simple long-stemmed pipes that are quite popular today and known as “clay tavern pipes.” Clay pipes were most fragile and would break easily leaving the smoker with tobacco but no way to smoke it. The early 1700’s saw Turkey and Africa make fashion pipes with numerous materials.

Pipe smoking began to decline in the early 1900’s because of the difficulty in finding appropriate materials to make the pipe. In fact, it was replaced with the cigar and cigarette during this period. This was the time when pipe manufacturers began to search for a robust, serviceable and economical material to manufacture the pipe. The majority of pipes made today are manufactured using briar. Briar is considered a perfect material for the pipe bowl. It is finely grained, heat-resistant, hard, lightweight, and non-toxic. After all, Briar is much more durable compared to clay and most of the other materials used to manufacture pipes. In fact, the advent of the briar pipe helped save the pipe smoking from being extinguished after the invention of cigars and cigarettes.

A tobacco pipe consists of the tobacco chamber, smoke channel, draft hole, and the slot. These components are what determine the quality of the tobacco pipe. Good airflow is a critical factor that enhances the smoking experience of a pipe smoker. Tobacco pipes come in different shapes and sizes. In fact, there are more shapes and variations on shapes that enter the market on a daily basis. Creative artisans produce more of these shapes on almost a daily basis. Pipes are divided into two broad categories where the smoke channel is concerned. There are straight as well as curved smoke channels in today’s pipes. The pipe is expanded from there into many creative realms of shapes and sizes. Most smokers testify that straight pipes offer a better smoking experience after all. This is because straight pipes are less likely to collect moisture in the base of the shank in the draft hole.

Smoking a pipe is usually done in a more relaxed and contemplative manner compared to smoking a cigar or cigarette. A pipe smoker requires adequate seating with a little bit of table space to accommodate his requisites such as the tobacco pouch, pipe cleaners, matches, ashtray, tamper, and extra pipes. The need to prepare these items will require a comfortable spot for smoking tobacco pipes. Pacing is extremely important when it comes to pipe smoking. It helps the smoker appreciate all the flavors and qualities of the tobacco blend used in the pipe. A slow pace of puffing is quite important to cultivate in this regard. A properly engineered pipe is a great boon to the avid smoker.

How To Buy Tobacco Pipes?

There are two categories of pipes offered for sale. They are new and estate. New pipes are un-smoked and never used before. But estate pipes are pre-owned. In fact, it offers a great opportunity for you to own a decent pipe for less than half the price on the market. These pipes can either be unsmoked or smoked. In fact, pre-smoked pipes provide the greatest chance to get it at an excellent bargain. When you properly clean and sterilize such a pipe with any brand of alcohol, it is truly a marvelous acquisition. You may find some of the finest brands of pipes on the estate market. In fact, you can find a real Ferrari Dino or a top of the line John B. Stetson for pennies on the dollar. Estate pipes offer such a great opportunity when they have been properly cleaned and sterilized using alcohol.

Buying the right pipe is not an easy task after all. If you have been to a pipe shop and watched someone buy a pipe, you may wonder what took him so long. There are many important factors that go into buying the right pipe for you. A pipe should fulfill several requirements to satisfy you. It can be roughly divided into three categories such as aesthetics, mechanical and financial. Aesthetics is important since the smoker has to enjoy the look and feel of the pipe in order to have a good smoking experience. All other considerations pale in comparison to this one. Even you find a flawless pipe for a good price, you may find that you don’t smoke it any longer because it is not your style. It doesn’t matter whether the pipe is manufactured by a well-known brand, you should not purchase it if it is not appealing to you. But how do you know what pipe to buy if you are a complete beginner to pipe smoking? The best thing is to look at a lot of pipes. Take your time to check out interesting selections on the market. Look at all the different styles of pipes. Sooner or later, a pipe is going to reach out and grab your attention. When you have reached this stage, it is time to move on to the next feature of pipe buying which is the mechanical aspect.

The pipe should be constructed in a manner that gives you maximum pleasure from smoking it. There should not be any design flaws which make it impossible to keep it clean or lit. You need to learn about what to look for in a well-made and a shoddily made pipe. First, you need to know about a list of things to avoid when buying the pipe. If the pipe has one or more of these mechanical flaws, you shouldn’t purchase such a pipe. Quality pipes come with perfectly aligned parts. You will find a precisely smooth air-way from the draft hole in the bowl that connects to the end of the mouthpiece. Any disruption in this area is going to cause turbulence as well as cause the pipe to smoke wet and loudly. Some pipes may have large holes and pits filled with putty. Although this will not interfere with the actual smoking of the pipe, it could cause a mottled appearance in the pipe. Some low-quality pipes come with metal filters. It may cause condensation that results in a wet and noisy smoke.

Pipes usually come with a dizzying array of finishes. Most of these finishes have no effect on the pipe; it is best if you avoid varnished finishes. They can bubble or flake with time. The lighter the pipe, the better it will smoke. In fact, a lighter pipe is easier to hold in your mouth. In fact, it is less fatiguing in the long run. The draft hole should be as close as possible to the center of the bowl. It should perfectly align with the air hole of the pipe. With all these mechanical considerations in place, the next thing to consider is the affordability of the pipe. Pipes come in a vast range of prices. They are available from just under $20 to $1,000’s. The rule here is to buy the absolute best you can afford. You will not go wrong when you go for quality.

The Best Tobacco Pipes On The Market

The type of tobacco pipe you choose may say a lot about who you are. In fact, there is an extensive selection of quality tobacco pipes on the market today. Hence, it is not difficult to choose the best pipe that fits your style. Here are some of the highest quality tobacco pipes on the market today.

Dr. Grabow Pipes

This is an American brand. The brand is made in North Carolina (The Blue Ridge Mountains). The company produces a sixty-year-old line of affordable tobacco pipes which are favorites among the new smokers. The consistency and good taste make the brand a favorite among these smokers. This has become one of the best-known pipe brands in North America right now. Dr. Grabow pipes come in smooth as well as textured styles. Each pipe uses a 6mm filter to complement your taste. There are many models of Dr. Grabow pipes which are priced between $20 and $50:

Peterson Pipes

Peterson pipes are made in Dublin for more than 150 years now. Charles Peterson established the company believing that a man’s smoking pipe was a signature piece of his individual style. Peterson pipes are smoked throughout the world. The Peterson mouthpiece gives the smoker a cool, dry and comfortable smoking experience. Peterson pipes are some of the best tobacco pipes on the market today. They are priced between $100 and $350:

Brebbia Pipes

The brand was established in 1953 by Enea Buzzi. The company had been actually producing tobacco pipes from 1947 in partnership with Achille Savinelli. The brand is created in Italy by a small staff of just 14 dedicated employees. The majority of these pipes are made using hydro-electric machines. But they are started and finished by hand. Brebbia pipes are ideal for beginner smokers. The pipe will actually grow with the smoker as he learns about the pleasure of smoking a tobacco pipe. The pipes are priced between $75 to $175 on the market:

Missouri Meerschaum Pipes

This is another high-quality American brand of pipes that was established in 1869 in Missouri. This was the first ever corn cob pipe produced by Henry Tibbe. These pipes have been owned by some of the most famous names in American history including Mark Twain and Presidents Eisenhower and Hoover. Although these pipes are smoked all over the world, they are considered a unique example of American craftsmanship. These pipes are priced between $15 and $40 on the market:

Savinelli Pipes

These are some of the best-known tobacco pipes in the world. They lead the world in producing high-quality Italian pipes. The company was established in the late 1940s. These pipes are very popular for their Balsa filter system. It uses balsa wood which is ultra-porous and cuts down on tar as well as cool the smoke. These pipes are priced between $100 and $150 on the market.

The article above provides a comprehensive overview of important factors to consider when buying tobacco pipes for sale, and some of the best tobacco pipe brands on the market: